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Heritage Health Care & Rehab is dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality of health care for those residents requiring rehabilitation services. The therapy team utilizes a compassionate and personal approach in treatment to achieve a resident’s maximum functional independence. The therapy atmosphere is pleasant and supportive, ensuring that every resident receives the greatest respect and care during their stay at Heritage Health Care & Rehab. Our rehabilitation programs are designed for those recovering from:

  • Orthopedic Injury and Surgery
  • Stroke or other Neurological Disorders
  • Cardiac Disorders or Procedures
  • General Medical Conditions resulting in loss of strength and endurance

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A staff member at Heritage Health Care & Rehab helping a resident

Physical Therapy

Strength - Balance Training - Fall Prevention
Our Physical Therapy Program specializes in evaluating and treating physical dysfunction resulting from injury, disease, medical illness or neurological conditions.

Treatment areas include:
Lower extremity and trunk strengthening
Flexibility Coordination
Fall prevention
Balance, mobility and transfer training

A staff member at Heritage Health Care & Rehab helping a resident in physical therapy

Occupational Therapy

Self Care Activities - Wheelchair Mobility - Contracture Management
Our Occupational Therapy Program focuses on improving activities of daily living (ADLs) in order to achieve a person's maximum independence level. Treatment areas include: self care activities, upper extremity strengthening, visual/perceptual training, therapeutic positioning for pressure relief or contracture management, energy conservation, safety awareness, wheelchair mobility and positioning, and equipment recommendations for ADLs.

A staff member at Heritage Health Care & Rehab helping a resident in hearing therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech - Swallowing
Our Speech Therapy Program is designed to enhance functional communication skills, maximize safe swallowing, and improve cognition and hearing acuity. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained in specialized treatment techniques such as: alternative communication methods, assisted listening devices, compensatory strategies, and Vital-Stim, which is an innovative, non-invasive treatment for swallowing difficulties.

If you would like to learn more about Heritage Health Care & Rehab, and our "Tradition of Caring," contact our Admissions Coordinator at:

Phone: 205-759-5179
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